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2009-12-23 05:45:19 by Kirlim

Well well my inner artist woke up again!
It has been a deep restless sleep full crazy foolish and sick fantasias.
This trip trough my subconsciousness I have translated in 7 new art work.
these can be admired on my art page.
So have a look and enjoy!

greets Kirlim

Back in busines

2008-04-09 12:34:03 by Kirlim

Finaly I got it the full adobe set , flash player , illustrator and photoshop all my work payed of and now I can fanaly get back to busines and make yet again a wicked flash movie!

The trip!

2008-03-14 19:22:44 by Kirlim

My new flash project "the trip" is finished!

This time its beter , longer , and smoother

Since my last flash was about sadness I decided to make a movie about a more fun thing in life...
So come allong and take a trip inside my head, I bet you will be amazed!

The trip!

The remake is done!

2008-03-08 05:21:36 by Kirlim

EDIT The FINAL version is posted!!
And yet again the score increased! 3.06
Thx one last time fore all the support and feedback I got!

EDIT: I have the edit, beter english version ready on my pc , yet my internet connection is screwed up for the next 15 days so once my internet connection gets back I'll post the edited version of the movie, I'll use this time to edit some other mistakes or faults in the movie.
Untill then sorry to keep you waiting.

The "It isn't fair god" remake is done!

And it passed on a stunning 2.99/5.00 (for me this is wicked)
The comments where yet again very helpfull and I am going to work on it to get the movie like it should be!
Under the motivation that the 3the try is the best try I now return to my flash to aprove it once again!

And about my spelling I apologize for movie, revieuws and forum , not born in England so it's hard for me to be 100% correct.

Thx to all who supported me

Kirlim over and out!

The remake is done!

First flash ever

2008-03-01 07:25:42 by Kirlim

First movie posted and past the votes
1.86/5.00 well I gues its a start
fore all who supported me thx ,
all who didn't I will amaze you next time!

First flash ever

Top 50 all times?

2007-08-30 17:14:32 by Kirlim

The current top 50 all times has been drawing my attention , many new movies get a spot in to that top very easy , this is realy not so weird becous latly ng has been getting alot more vieuws than it used to be so the scores are highter fore a good movie now , than they where when ng just started.
I don't only complain , i got a solution , why not post the best movies of the current day off all years on Frontpage so a bigger amount of people watches this movies and makes it a beter top50 all times